Bases & Spring Curbs

Type WFSL, KSL, and BMK bases have become industry standards because we have encouraged specifications calling for structural steel perimeters with a depth equal to 1/10th the length for WFSL frames and 1/12th the length for the concrete filled BMK and KSL designs. Height saving brackets are almost always used and bases are customized to fit 1-1/2 HP close coupled pumps all the way up to 8000 ton centrifugal machines, with a variety of fan, pump, compressor, chiller, etc., base designs in between.

The CMAB aluminum standard curb spring cap has been largely superceded by the RSC design. This complete rooftop spring curb is supplied in standard deflections up to 3” and as much as 5” in special designs. Springs are adjustable and removable. While most RSC curbs are standard heights for flat roofs, we customize to any height and compensate for roof pitch as well.