Hangers Overview

Primitive forms of neoprene hangers (HD), spring hangers (HS) and combination spring and neoprene hangers (DNHS) were around before 1958, but we improved them all as we established our standards. Mason’s most sophisticated design is the 30N, which uses a spring series even larger in diameter than those used for the SLF mountings. This enables the hole in the bottom of the hanger box to be enlarged so the suspension rods can swing through a full 30 degree arc, virtually eliminating the age-old problem of hanger rods rubbing against the holes in the hanger boxes and short-circuiting the system.

Mason uses neoprene bottom cups for the springs, molded with rubber hole bushings as an added precaution. All spring hangers can be furnished precompressed with a loading scale for simplified adjustment and load verification in the field, as well as acoustical ceiling installation. Special hangers are manufactured for pipe expansion problems.