Jobsite Analysis

As part of our standard service we provide on-site jobsite technical assistance as needed.  This may include a review prior to bid, review with your installation crew prior to starting installation of the seismic components, or periodic inspections during and after the installation. We prefer to provide this service to you during the installation to answer any questions that may arise, and so any potential installation issues can be caught early and corrected. We then provide a final review after the installation is complete to provide a letter of inspection for the engineer or inspector indicating compliance. In most cases this service is provided at no cost when purchasing our seismic bracing components.

We can also be called on for jobsite assistance in determining how to solve an equipment noise or vibration issue such as those that may prevent a building owner from leasing space as a result of complaints. We’ve seen many of these issues over the years, and can help you come up with a solution for reduction or elimination of the noise or vibration.